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The temple of Venus and Rome is a double sanctuary monument. . Two cellas, built back to back, one for Venus, the other one for Rome. The building is completely surrounded by a colonnade. Ten columns on the façades, twenty on the sides. The perimeter is made of fifty six columns with the addition of four columns of both north and south vestibules. Made of gigantic proportions, the temple of Venus and Rome is erected on an artificial esplanade of 9 meters, to compensate the difference of levels between the top of the Forum and the lower level of the Colosseum. This temple was the work of Emperor Hadrian and was built between 121 and 137 AD. In the foreground you can notice the backside of the huge bronze statue 36 meters high, representing Nero as god Helios. In order to build his temple of Venus and Rome, Hadrian had to move this monumental statue closer to the Colosseum. Twenty four elephants were necessary to achieve this task. The synthetic pictures complete the visit.