It’s the Emperor Domitian who had the four great imperial schools of gladiators built, that are known to us. The main one is the Great School (Ludus Magnus) which is represented in the centre of the picture. The four schools were situated close to the Colosseum. The Emperor Commodus frequented them.

In the centre right of the picture you find the Bestiaries School (Ludus matutinus) much smaller than the Ludus Magnus. The bestiary was the gladiator who fought the wild animals. Both constructions have the same structure, i.e. a courtyard surrounded by a portico that might have opened onto the gladiator’s cells.

The smallest of the schools was the Gallic School (Ludus Gallicus). The building built practically at the foot of the buttresses of the temple of Deified Claudius, must have been used for training the Gallic gladiator, who progressively became, during the Empire, the Myrmillo.

The Dacian School (Ludus Dacicus) was built on a heigth on the Oppian hill, right at the foot of the Baths of Trajan, the hemicycle of which appears on the right. At the same level, at the bottom of the picture, one remarks a great rectangular building with wide windows, the barracks of the Sailors of Misenus.