Among all the great gardens of the Pincius, the Gardens of Lucullus are probably the most famous and most impressive, together with the Gardens of Sallustus. They were built by Lucullus, victor of Mithridate (74-66). The whole showed a perfect harmony and overhang the Campus Martius. One of the main characteristics was this monumental stair that linked the levels up to a gigantic nymphæum in hemicycle. The other gardens, those of Sallustus on the east side and those of Pompey towards the Villa Medici are not represented on this model.

A higher view lets see the whole of the gardens and the palace. Everywhere nymphæa and pavilions allowed the visitors to relax and be delighted. Today it’s where the Piazza di Spagna and the Church of Trinità dei Monti are.

The gardens of Lucullus behind the great sanctuary in half-circle. It’s in this place that Messalina, wife of the Emperor Claudius, was executed because of her misbehaviour. Messalina had previously appropriated these gardens by covetousness.