..................Construction of the Gardens of Lucullus..................

The first job I have to do before widening the model is to study the profile of the ground. In this case, I have to make sure where the slopes of the Pincius are and foresee the location of the gardens of Lucullus. As ever when I have to work on a hill, appears on the side a part of the mounting that I have to build. On a thin board of plywood, I’m sticking light pieces of blue polystyrene to sustain the shape of the ground which is in foam board. It’s light and solid.

The great stairs of the Gardens of Lucullus were the first difficulty that I met. They have been my anchor point for the rest of the construction.

Soon I fix the platform and set up the great nymphæum in half-circle.

The first sketch of the garden is in place. At this stage, we begin to see how the whole garden will look like.

As soon as the gardens are built, there is a matter of urgency to finish the whole work.

The backside of the gardens as no other layout is yet made on the Pincius.