The temple of Claudius
was built on the Cælian hill by the Younger Agrippina the mother of Emperor Nero, in memory of her deified husband Claudius, whom she had let assassinate. A part of it will be used by Néro as a reservoir for the Cælius aqueduct. Still today, it’s impressive to walk by the huge buttresses of this monument, presently still visible just opposite the Colosseum.

In the foreground the Aqua Claudia that turns around the massive platform of the Temple of Claudius.

This picture shows the huge buttresses that support the complex of the Deified Claudius. Two great gates opened each onto long stairs, a north gate, right of the picture, and a west gate in the upper part of the picture. Alongside the porticoes, on the eastern side, you can notice a long garden identified as a Nymphea of Nero. At the corner of the Vicus capitis Africæ an important building, since that is where the imperial slaves were taught, the paedagogium Puerorum.

Under this angle, you can see on the right the great stairs on the north side, towards the Colosseum. The visit of the interior of the enclosure must have staggered the contemporaries.