Thanks to the synthetic pictures of Jacques Plassard , we can better appreciate the architectural grandeur of the interior of the Colosseum. This sight allows to distinguish the “Podium”, in red, that went up at 4 meters above the arena. Then you see three great horizontal rows of terraces, the seats of which were allotted according to social status.

On this view we notice that the space between the second and the third terrace was higher. The third terrace was of wood and reserved for an audience of lower social status. The seats under the colonnade, at the top, were reserved for the women, and above that colonnade, the upper terrace allowed the slaves to stand. Therefore the whole volume was occupied to let at least 50000 people attend the games, some of them were of an extreme cruelty.

Appearing under a blue sky, are the poles fixed alongside the upper cornice, to allow the velarium to be drawn. This huge awning could protect the audience against sun but also rain.

Two gladiators face each other in the light under the Velarium. On the ground you guess the ropes that hold the awning. On the right the Emperor’s podium of honour.

The same scene, but seen from the top of the terraces.

In the sand of the arena, the grandeur of the amphitheatre must have given some gladiators the excitement of the stage.