The domus of the Postumii , is the first villa which we meet on the left as we climb the Via Salaria Vetus. The main building, fairly imposant stands in the centre of a large court surrounded by columns closed by a vast exedra. From the domus, the sight over Rome must have been breathtaking. The Postumii were a Roman patrician gens, who were magistrates during the whole Republican period.

Going further up on the Via Salaria Vetus we see right hand side the house of Simonius Proculus Julianus, who was a prefect of the City in 254. The villa is in the middle of the picture.

The next villa is actually a palace, the Palace of the Pincii, which almost shares its huge gardens with those of the Julianus house so close both villas are. Here in a birds eye view, in the centre of the picture, we can figure out the extent of the palace and its gardens. The modern name of Pincio comes from the Nomen of this family who settled there very early, during the IVth century b.C.

Coming from the gardens of Sallust (outside the model), a brook called aqua Sallustiana flew down in the valley between the Quirinal and the Pincius. It cleared its path sometimes underground, sometimes in the open air, between the large gardens and the luxurious domus. Here we have a birds eye view.