The triumphal arch is a Roman invention. They are a symbol of Roman art and history. Here,two steps away from the Colosseum, we find the Arch of Constantine (Arcus Constantini) which was erected in 316 to celebrate the victory of Emperor Constantine over Maxentius. It is of the same architectural style as that of Septimius-Severus, but its proportions are better balanced. The Arch of Constantine stands close to the Colosseum. Jacques Plassard offers you a visit in synthetic pictures.

The Arch of Constantine seen from the other side. Opposite, you will notice the fountain called "Meta Sudans".

The Arch of Septimius-Severus
(203) (Arcus Septimii Severri)was dedicated to Septimius-Severus's sons, Caracalla and Geta. This arch was to commemorate the first ten years of his reign and his victories over the Parthians. It stands on the Roman Forum.

Arch of Titus ( Arcus Titi )is built on the highest part of the Roman Forum and is surrounded by buildings among which the temple of Jupiter Stator, just opposite. It was erected by Emperor Domitian in the honour of Titus to celebrate the conquest of Palestine. It was an arch with only one opening above the Sacred Way. The proportions and the decoration form a masterpiece of balance. It is hard to figure in the center of the picture.