The amphitheatre C. Statilius Taurus, at the top right of the picture, had the privilege to be the first amphitheatre in Rome. It was built in 29 BC by consul C. Statilius Taurus. The first building was of stone, nevertheless it disappeared in the fire of the town under Nero in 64. It seems that Nero had it rebuilt in wood. Almost all sources cease mentioning it after the Great Fire. Yet Sylvia Pressouyre, in her historical atlas of town planning and architecture of Rome, lets this remarkable building disappear only in the High Middle-Ages. It is this version that I’m suggesting.

A panoramic view of the site of the Amphitheatre on the Via Recta. In the upper part of the picture, the Stadium of Domitian imposes itself, and at the bottom, a part of Nero’s bridge, where the Via Recta ends.