The necessity being stronger than the law, neither Augustus nor Trajan succeeded to control the development of high Insulæ. One could still show during the IVth century, among the curiosities of the City, between the Pantheon and the Aurelian column, a giant house, the prodigious size of which deserved to retain the visitor’s attention. The insula Felicles, the building of Felicula. This building was raising above the Rome of the Antonines like a skyscraper. You can guess it in the centre of the picture.

The Regionaries (collection of directories of the antiquity published between 73 and 345 AD) have rather located the giant Insula in the IXth region, said of the Circus Flaminius. For the necessity of my presentation, I chose to place the Insula in the region of the Pantheon ( " Daily life in Rome, by Jérôme Carcopino "). Higher left of the Insula is the temple and the Column of Marcus-Aurelius on the Via Flaminia.

The Insula Felicles in the centre of the picture in a far perspective. The temple of Hadrian and the temple of Matidia appear at the bottom on the right side.