Four temples were built on the Palatine. The most important is the temple of Apollo, (Templum Apollinis) erected by Augustus, as the site was still included within the House of Augustus. Augustus marked a special devotion to Apollo. It’s in this temple that the Sybilline Books were kept. The Portico of Danaids framed the façade of the temple. The Temple of Victory corresponded to the Greek Nike, the Goddess of Victory. In this temple was kept a huge stone supposed to be the house of the Phrygian Goddess, who was believed to have protected Rome from the advance of Hannibal. The temple of Cybele (Mother of the gods), Templum Magnæ Matrix on the Palatine was the main sanctuary of Rome dedicated to this goddess; It was inaugurated in 191 and stood originally on the west corner of the hill. At last the temple of Juno Sospita, much smaller and cramped between the two others, represents Juno as a warrior. It was built again in 91 BC after having been burnt down. At last, squeezed between Apollo’s and Victory’s temples, Livia’s house seemed to disappear among all these marvels.

The temple of Minerva that opens onto the peristyle of the Domus Augustana.

The temple of private fortune ( the name is not sure ) is part of the palace of Septimius-Severus.