The temple of Jupiter Jurarius ,close to the Fabricius bridge.

The Chapel of Tiberinus (God Tiber). Considered as a beneficial god, he was nevertheless feared for his floods. He was celebrated on June 7 with games. There was a landing stage quite close to the temple.

Temple of Faunus (Templum Fauni) by the end of the island. It’s on February 13 that the Romans instituted the sacrifice to Faunus.

The Temple of Veiovis (Templum Vejovis). Veiovis is one of the oldest gods of Rome. Associated to health, he had a small temple on the Capitol hill and on the Tiber Island. He is always represented as a young man holding a bunch of arrows.

It’s necessary to cross on the other side of the river to be able to see the Temple of Bellona( Templum Bellonĉ ) practically hidden by the Temple of Ĉsculapius.

The Hospital between the way that links the bridges and the Statue of Semo Sancus, god of loyalty and honesty.