The building of Arrephoreion (or Arrephorion) was the place where the peplos of Athena was woven (dress of Greek women during the archaic and classical period) ( 9 ). The Arrephory was an Athenian celebration, in June, the purpose of which was to obtain from Athena humidity for the parched earth. Four young girls, called Arrephores, were chosen to stay in the sanctuary and during the night preceding the ceremony, each of them received from the priestess mysterious caskets that they had to carry back to the Acropolis.

The house of the Arrephores was built close to the cliff of the Acropolis.

A sight from above upon the Arrephoreion. Left of the building, there was an opened courtyard, or ball playing ground of the Arrephores. Next to the wall, inside the courtyard, a gate can be seen, through which one could access to the Cave of Agraulos In this cave was a source dating back to the late helladic period. Outside the courtyard, in the straight passage, was another gate that led to the sacred stairs.