Babylon or " God’s Gate ", it’s the very entrance to the city. The royal gate, that of Ishtar, the gate where runs, like blood in a living body, the Processional Way. The blue Gate of Ishtar, that was the main gateway to Babylon, offered a breathtaking sight of strength and grandeur.

The Gate of Ishtar is also a double portal constituting a protected passing through, organically linked to the double defensive walls. The front side is flanked by square towers crenellated in saw teeth shape. The outer side of the portal is covered with blue earthenware. On the glazed brick decoration can be seen a fabulous bestiary of 575 animals on 13 superimposed registers. They are dragons alternating with bulls. Such is the legendary Gate of Ishtar.

The Gate of Ishtar seen in a bird’s eye view.

A farther sight where the strategic location of the Gate of Ishtar can be guessed. Not only was it an imposing fortified gateway, but also it offered to visitors an impression of majesty, at the very time when, two steps away, stood the royal Palace and the hanging Gardens. In the background one guesses the great Processional Way.

The great Processional Way runs through Babylon. At the top of the picture stands the Gate of Ishtar.

In a closer sight, the Gate of Ishtar lets even more enhance the double portal and the whole fortification complex.